#005, Economic Exploitation

The Situation.  American consumers still rush to stores to buy “Made in China” products by the container shiploads.  American investment portfolios directly assure Chinese communist leadership with vital cash flow to fuel their strategy.  American businesses are at the point of full addiction to Chinese production capacity.  And yet many Americans just want things to get back to the way they were.  President Xi Jinping could not be happier if he had planned it that way.  And he did. Question.  With US partisan politics badly dividing Americans, is it possible for all sides to sense the reality, gravity, and long-term impacts of uncontested Chinese communist economic exploitation?  The Bottom Line:  The gravest risk for Americans on all sides of the political aisle today is likely  this:  Americans squabbling about “China” and remaining obedient to the will of the CCP.  This…

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#004, Control Decision Makers

Why this is the most important of all reports.  If independent-minded Americans on the Left, Right, and Center in some degree understand the power potential of China’s government controlling key American decision makers, then this can be the game changer for USA.  This may help all sides filter present information overload in order to discern indicators, patterns and impacts of the “decision-maker control” phenomenon.  This can assist personal conclusions as to what is threatening and devastating.  Nothing is more important than this as "Job One" for all Americans. Many Americans’ blood is up over “China”, but is it too late?  Chinese communist leaders have been systematically engaging and “owning” a wide spectrum of American public and private sector leaders and decision makers for decades. Without having a powerful formula for this, China would not be manipulating the vast majority of…

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#003, China’s White Hat Approach

Somewhere between Nixon’s Ping Pong Diplomacy with the Chinese in the 70’s and China attaining most favored nation trading status and World Trade Organization membership, something went terribly wrong for USA.  The US Government and America’s private sector have had excellent China experts warning about Chinese communist agendas to weaken America.  Somehow this went unheeded. China as a Legit Most-Favored Trading Nation.  This country is paradoxically also known for crushing Tibetans who still set themselves on fire in protest, while incarcerating between 1 to 3 million ethnic Uighurs in concentration camps, and eliminating Hong Kong protest leaders in the shadows.  Chinese communist leadership continues to TEFLON-up and spin truth into dark webs ensnaring American common sense at all levels. The Bottom Line:  US Super Power total victory in the Cold War is now doubtful, because the facts get in the…

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#002, 2049 Strategy

Indirectness.  It is hard for many Americans to accept that China’s leadership is waging a war of global dominance, which first requires subjugating USA.   We have greatly benefited from China’ massive, albeit monopolistic, production capacity.  And that is precisely the point:   Chinese communist leadership has intentionally weaponized economics, information technologies, and other Soft Power capacities to “wage war by other means.”  This avoids inviting a US military response or strong retribution.  We now find ourselves in the middle of a velvet-gloved ambush of staggering proportions. The Bottom Line:  This strategy has been unfolding for decades - right in front of us and in the shadows.  Certain leaders, past and present, in Washington, DC and on Wall Street are not keen on Americans finding out how bad the situation is today.  Why?  This leadership failed to protect national security, national resilience,…

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#001, COVID-19

Mad as hell?  Ever wonder why US and the rest of the world shut down, and then China goes into high gear in regards to disinformation and economic production? Chinese wisdom: “Opportunity in Chaos” or “Chaos is Opportunity.”  The Chinese symbol for both words is identical. Question.  Since the facts about COVID-19 remain unclear, clouded by disinformation, and complicated by American partisan politics, what are the essential background considerations for all Americans to be aware of? Bottom Line:  “COVID-19” dynamics have essentially shut down the planet.  This is by virtue of ignorance driving fear and fear birthing panic on a global scale.  While the jury is still out on the virus itself, judgement is in and playing out in terms of virus-stimulated panic crippling America and other nations.  This is no accident. Background.  We received a report in early March…

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