Strategic Space.   One of the main challenges lies in understanding Modern Strategic Competitive Space.  USA has more of a geo-terrain concept of “space” toward which it projects various forms of power.   China thinks and acts in terms of controlling key terrain features within and across various types of competitive space for “positional advantage”.  America’s competence and confidence in competing in these spaces is the key to optimizing American and allies’ capacities.   

China relies on holistic integration of Battle Space – Marketplace – Cyber Space – Info Space – Outer Space -Subliminal Space – The Space in Between – The Space Beyond – The Space between Decision Makers’ Ears.   USA’s misorientation of concept has driven misdirection of goals, organization, force structure, doctrine, strategy, operations, tactics, and exploitation.  This mismatch cedes advantage to China’s superior view of a dynamic globalized competitive field.  The contrast reflects the difference between checkers and multi-dimensional chess.   This reveals below + beyond-the-radar strategic maneuver, strike and “power projected” China style. 

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  • The impact of this plays out by China “owning” decision makers who control critical capacities plus…
  • …drawing upon broad-ranging surrogates as “forces in place” and “forces in play” globally
  • “Maneuvering and firing” below the radar / below the threshold of retaliation
  • Implementing “fait accompli” diplomacy and economics in which decisions are pre-determined and “cooked” by the CCP
  • Taking offensive action in plain view without confrontation and retaliation. 
  • By this, USA and allies will eventually lose Pacific Oceana of World War II fame, by China’s low-level “island hopping” ownership of island nation leaders.
  • This is compounded by organized crime’s destruction of island societies through narco trafficking sources from China, SE Asia and South America, with product delivered to targets by a network of local motorcycle gangs.
  • All under CCP’s umbrella leveraging “borrowed swords”.   And without a shot fire by a USINDOPACOM carrier battle group. 
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