#006, Monopolization

“China Is Buying Up US Companies — Does Anyone Care?” by Patrick Smith, Reuters – 11 Apr 2016


China is Hurting Innovation, Report shows unfair trade practices have made China an enemy of global innovation, new research shows, by Sintia Radu – 7 Jan 2020 


“China’s next plan to dominate international tech standards” by Emily de la Bruyere and Nathan Picarsic, Yahoo News – 11 Apr 2020


“Coronavirus Outbreak Exposes China’s Monopoly on U.S. Drug, Medical Supplies” by Rebecca Mansour, Breitbart – 13 Feb 2020


“China’s Monopoly on Rare Earth Elements Tightens With Purchase of US Mine. Rare earths are critical to dozens of high-tech industries, from solar panels and electric vehicles to guided missiles and jet engines.” By David Roos, Seeker – 6 Sep 2017


“New York tech firm sold Chinese equipment to U.S. military, Feds say. Seven people were charged with selling cameras and other products to the Army, Navy and Air Force — and falsely claiming they were “made in the USA.” by Jonathan Dienst, Joe Valiquette and Rich Schapiro, NBC News – 7 Nov 2019


“Practices Threaten Profits of U.S. Businesses”, by David Zeiler, Money Morning – 25 Oct 2011


“U.S. officials worried about Chinese control of American drug supply.  Basically we’ve outsourced our entire industry to China,” retired Brig. Gen. John Adams told NBC News. “That is a strategic vulnerability.” by Ken Dilanian and Brenda Breslauer – 12 Sep 2019


“The Monopolies of the Future Will Be Chinese — and State-Owned”  by Ben Halder, OZY – 17 Jun 2019