#007 – Strategic Capacities

“5G is a bigger deal and China is a bigger threat than you think,” think tank says”, By Brooke Crothers | Fox News – 14 Apr 2019


“China Is Using Cyber-espionage Against U.S. to Gain Military and Technology Advantages, Report Reveals” by Cristina Maza – 5 Sep 2018


“China’s next plan to dominate international tech standards”, by Emily de La Bruyère and Nathan Picarsic – 11 Apr 2020


Chinese Information Warfare: ‘The Panda That Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.’ The following is an excerpt from “iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age.”  By Bill Gertz – 28 Jan 2018


“It is Time to Stand Up to China. Why and how the U.S. must confront China on unfair trade practices.”  By Michael Collins – 13 Jun 2016


“The Impact of Chinese Espionage on the United States. What is the cumulative impact of China’s espionage activities for the United States’ economy, security, and politics?”  by Nicholas Eftimiades – 4 Dec 2018


“Why China Is “The World’s Factory” The 5 reasons why China is the world’s biggest manufacturer”, by Prableen Bajpai – 13 Feb 2020