#007 – Strategic Resources

“China’s Dangerous Monopoly on Metals. Control of the rare-earth supply gives Beijing both economic and military advantages over the U.S.”  By Michael Silver – 14 Apr 2019


“China Is Making a Major Play for American Farms and Farmland. Companies backed by the Chinese government are making Big Ag acquisitions in the U.S.” by Tove Danovich – 22 Feb 2016


“China’s Natural Resource Strategy: ‘Win Without Fighting’” by Mercy A. Kuo and Angelica O. Tang – 6 Nov 2015


China’s Ultimate Play For Global Oil Market Control” By Yossef Bodansky. OilPrice.Com – 15 Aug 2019


“Thousand Talents Program: Professor Secured Millions In NASA Grants By Hiding China Ties” By James Patterson – 12 May 2020


“Why is the U.S. accusing China of stealing intellectual property?” by Sunny Oh, Market Watch – 6 APR 2018