Given that China’s 2049 strategy is heavily centered on weaponized economics, the imperative for success in all lines of effort is a reliable and continuous abundance of foreign consumer and investor cash.  How Americans invest and consume thus becomes part of China’s success assurance.

American, as well as global consumers serve as massed grassroots decision makers assuring a continuous  cash flow to China. “China’s Ultimate Goal Is To Control American Culture, And Companies Should Resist It” by Helen Raleigh, 11 Oct 2019

“U.S. Dependence on Pharmaceutical Products From China” by Yanzhong Huang Council of Foreign Relations, 14 Aug 2019

It’s time for pension funds and others to stop supporting companies that abet Beijing’s crackdowns on China’s Uighurs and Hong Kong’s protesters. “American Investors:  Stop investing in China’s brutality” By Danielle Pletka and Derek Scissors, 5 Dec 2019