China’s approach to leveraging what America offers in order to weaken America is driven by government-directed and controlled “whole-of-nation competencies, capabilities and capacities”.  The mass and momentum of this overmatches stove-piped US laws, institutions and traditions.

The US – China Economic and Security Review Commission’s 2019 Annual Report to Congress covers an expansive array of topics including U.S.-China trade tensions, U.S. reliance on Chinese pharmaceuticals, China’s global military ambitions, and U.S.-China competition in critical emerging technologies. 

“The year looks set to conclude with the clash over China’s trade-distorting practices mostly unresolved and the broader political, technological, and security differences between the two sides solidifying into prolonged strategic competition.”

The Introduction at Page 1 and 2 of this document lays out the key issues with complete clarity.

2019 Annual Report