US Lawmakers left, right and center become the basis for favorable laws, policies and programs for Chinese communist leaders to exploit.  All opportunity legally flows from this foundation. China uses a balanced attack on Capitol Hill. 

“Boehner (former-Republican Speaker of the House) has long been a supporter of unfettered trade, helping to lead the effort to grant Most Favored Nation status to China.”

“John Boehner Cashes Out, Joins Corporate Lobbying Firm That Represents China”  by Lee Fang – 20 Sep 2016

“Joe Lieberman formally registers as lobbyist for Chinese telecom giant ZTE”, by Anna Massoglia and Karl Evers-Hillstrom – 2 Jan 2019

“The New China Lobby:  Who bought American indulgence of China? Surprise–multinational corporations that fly the U.S. flag.” by Robert Dreyfuss – 19 Dec 2001

“China steps up its lobbying game” by Marina Walker Guevara – Published – September 13, 2005, Updated – May 19, 2014