#015, US National Elections and Beyond

Situation.  National election politics muddle Americans’ awareness of existential threats from Chinese Communist Party leadership. The most important of these is the CCP’s maturity and use of Artificial Intelligence and Informational-ized Warfare technologies and methods to hobble and ultimately dominate the US Super Power, as well as its allies.  American citizens, themselves, are CCP’s Target #1 in this game, but they seem fixated on other matters.

Initial Dilemma.  This reality should be nothing new, except that US National Elections may become the next success story for CCP’s effective manipulation of information.   This is something for all Americans and allies to be alert to at some point. Sooner is better.  With all the extreme political rhetoric ongoing, as well as the general lack of facts and substance covered by US mainstream media, Americans run the risk of “missing it all”.  The conspicuous lack of substantive discussion about China during US Presidential Debates was most telling, if not damning.  The lights are on in various minds and rooms across the land, but not enough. Americans, in all their busy-ness, are dangerously unalert.

Ultimate Dilemma.  The outcome of coming US elections may not matter.  CCP’s agenda of Information Manipulation as the key to decision maker and consumer control has been at work long before the current candidates took center stage. Since this manipulation may be inextricably politicized from Capitol Hill to Wall Street and Main Street, the real danger is that China may be able to avoid the spotlight of attention by all.  This, and massive American addictions from being vested in “Made in China”, will cede continuous advantage to the CCP.  Whether all Yanks finally grasp this, or not in time, may rest in their comprehension of one video.

Well worth it.   “Missing it all” comes down to “Getting it” in terms of understanding the message and implications in the following 37-minute video, released 24 Oct 2020: (https://youtu.be/1gkMfpMM2jw)

Too Late.   It may not be until well after US elections that this topic gets the attention it merits – a topic that may leave the 2020 US National Elections as but a footnote and painful reminder of the Yankees’ lack of unity concerning the CCP as an existential threat.

References.  References relating to Chinese Communist Party Information Warfare and Global Dominance agenda are provided at this link:  https://thechinafactor.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/References-Relating-to-Chinese-Communist-Party-Information-Warfare-and-Global-Dominance.pdf


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