#014, A Report from a SE Asian Anti-Chinese Communist Alliance

The China Factor Network just received the following message, which addresses this alliance’s perception about Americans’ limited awareness of the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party.  Our comments with web-linked references follow after the end of their message.

Dear American Friends

We take opportunity before your national elections to offer perspectives from our Anti-Communist China Alliance networked across China’s southern flank.  We are public and civil sector leaders in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.   We share information under the name: Allied Committee of South East Asian Information.

We notice that Americans’ appreciation of China under the leadership of Xi Jinping is not clearly focused.  China is also not much addressed in America’s public discourse.   From our perspective, China today is the top threat to America’s existence. This means it is deadly to the free world. We, who live directly under China’s shadow and manipulations, now suspect that Americans have not been well informed.   According to our life experience, “China” should be the main issue in your elections, since your survival as the freedom-loving world’s only hope, depends on strongly how you can defend your freedom and homeland by contesting Xi Jinping’s intentions, aggressions, and oppressions.   His world game is to totally dominate America, Americans and their friends within his rushing schedule from 2020 to 2025.

Since late 2016, we have been reporting to various American leadership on our standpoints concerning the Chinese Communist Party. Our information has been shared to The White House, National Security Council, the departments and agencies of your government, your defense establishment, your business sector and your media. We have seen little evidence from our offering of this information.   As one example, at the passing of Vietnam’s President, Tran dai Quang, in September 2018, we noted in US media only the mention of his passing “after a long illness.”   There was no acknowledgement of our reporting that he was actually assassinated by poisoning.  This is one of CPC secret techniques to eliminate any of their potential enemies. His death was because he was discovered to be an anti-Chinese Communist.   He was quickly replaced by a pro-China proponent under the CCP’s influence.   His death is mentioned because this is a reflection of Xi Jinping’s intentions for all who oppose him. 

Based on a request in mid-winter 2020, we did research and passed detailed information in March to US inter-agency, military, business and media contacts on the origin of COVID-19:  It was a man-made weapon of mass disruption specifically chartered by Chinese Communist Party leadership to target USA and Europe.   The primary purpose was to disrupt and destroy Americans’ economic and societal processes.  This is exactly what has been happening.  To date we have noted no open mention of the specific Chinese Communist individuals we exposed, some of whom work in prominent academic positions in America.

By now Americans should be aware that the US Presidential Debates are censored by the CCP concerning any negative comments on China.  This muzzling of voice is common practice, not only inside China, but wherever Xi Jinping has gained control of foreign media and information systems.   Hongkong security law from PRC a few months ago is a recent example.   This is about “Killing Free Speech”.  It is further about “Killing Free Thinking”.  We have also just shared our latest report on China’s Influence on American Elections.  This reinforces CCP’s practice of information manipulation and voice + media control. 

It is not our responsibility to tell the American People who they should vote for in a few weeks.  It is our very conscious responsibility as Americans’ friends who live closest to Communist China, to share what we know about deadly facts concerning Xi Jinping and the CCP.   We understand his top strategic priority is to “keep the American people confused and divided”. Because of his game, when we become confused and divided, we will lose our freedom in daily life and our soul in death.

We are glad to respond to future requests for information on the Chinese Communist Party as America is increasingly confronted by the reality of its aggressions.

God bless America.

Allied Committee of South East Asian information


We first heard of COVID-19 allegations from sources in SE Asia early in 2020.  Upon asking for more details from them, we received the following report from the above SE Asian Alliance, whose existence we had not been aware of.  The following link contains the alliance’s COVID-19 report from March 2020. 

The alliance’s most recent report on China’s Influence on American Elections is provided at this link:


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