#008, Dynamic Aggression

Situation.  After 40+ years of purpose-driven condition setting in the USA and around the world,  Chinese communist leadership has finally postured itself to enforce and exploit its power position by more aggressive and coercive means.  However, at the same time the Chinese Communist Party leadership has exposed its dark intentions to a global audience.

While most Americans won’t read lengthy explanations about such complex matters, COVID-19 has served to finally arouse national and global anger at the Chinese Communist Party —  a first, after long decades of open-field running by the CCP.

Question:  If USA and others are to contest and roll back the CCP’s current advantage, as well as prevent it in the future, what are the functional aims of each type of Chinese communist aggression to be understood?  What is the aggregate impact of them all?

Bottom Line.  Chinese communists have taken unrestricted competition to an advanced scientific level making this Art of War more deadly than kinetic warfare.  The integration of functional devastations “in the shadows” or “kept off camera”, constitute crushing “All-source Power Projection” as a steady state reality.  This defies traditional American Military Power Projection.  China’s art of war is a “done deal”.  America’s art is readily undone by this.

12 Integrated Aggressions

1.  Disinformation = Confusion > Stupification > Thought Control

Aggressive Chinese diplomatic disinformation before a world audience works in tandem with low-level methods of Chinese information manipulation.  The combination of the two create an integrated echo chamber effect designed to sound like truth, “with a punch”.  This is Xi Jinping’s main effort today, because the Chinese Community Party’s strategy of world dominance is now at risk of full exposure.  

2.  Banking = Debt Weaponization as a Bludgeon

China’s conduct of off-the-radar banking around the world is at such proportions that the World Bank has scant idea of the extent of this.   So also the US Government.  This means that the weaponization of debt burdens constitutes an offensive line of action that is largely invisible.  China “owns” decision-makers around the world by this

3.  Bullying High and Low = Decision-maker Control

The nature of Chinese communist coercion involves “total fixes” of any target set it focuses on.  This means that key decision-makers are targeted at all levels in order to manipulate and control linked decisions that are essential for Chinese communists to have final say.  “It takes a community” of compliant decision-makers for this to consistently happen.

4.  Academic and Industrial Espionage = Stolen Strategic Expertise for Hi-Tech Knowledge Advantage

Chinese communism crushes individual thinking.  This is why they have had to come to the West to gain knowledge and expertise they could not readily self-generate.  Aggressive penetration of business, academic and research-and-development sectors remains a high priority for sustaining China’s advantage.

5.  Natural Resources Control = Monopolization of Manufacturing

China’s expanding control of vital natural resources around the world is essentially a land grab for “manufacturing dominance assurance”.  Raw minerals “in hand” = Monopolization of finished products.

6.  Chinese Forced Labor = The True Basis for Market Dominance

The whole economic dominance game has been built on Chinese totalitarian-controlled forced labor at grassroots levels.  Cheap labor teamed with Chinese currency manipulation / devaluation in order to hook USA and The West.  

7.  Profit and Product Denial = Threaten and Torment the Addicted

COVID-19 has given us a good whiff of this method.  It started with withholding information about COVID-19, then about prevention and treatment of COVID-19, and then threat of withholding pharmaceuticals.  This is what happens when China finds itself in a position of control.

8.  Para-Militaries and Labor = Forward-based Strategic Muscle

On any given day China has a maritime para-military force of over 40,000 onboard civilian vessels in the South China Sea.  On land it has a large force of private security companies (which includes US PMCs) securing Chinese factories, as well as both Chinese workers and on-way tourists with families who have gone to ground by the thousands across Vietnam.  This infestation is an infiltration of Chinese Muscle.  It reflects a force in-being.  USINDOPACOM carrier battle groups are impotent in the face of this deployed force with positional advantage.

9.  Snuggling Up = The Assassin’s Embrace

Decades of careful courting on all continents has postured the Chinese Communist Party to now strangle its partners at will.  This contrived, coercive convenience has limitless payoff potential.  The once sweet dragon’s breath of personal economic advantage, can now turn white-hot in a moment.  The true price of this costly courtship is now appearing.

10.  Murder = The Motivator

After working for years with Vietnamese anti-China movements, we learned that the Chinese Communist Party uses a brutal enforcement apparatus to keep Vietnamese Communist Party leaders in line with CCP’s will.  The President of Vietnam, Tran Dai Quang, a closet reformist, got out of line and was murdered for this, then replaced by a pro-China surrogate.  Death by poisoning is the usual method of high-level intimidation.  The President, age 61, died 21 September 2018 in a military hospital after “a serious incurable illness.”  Killing one leader means intimidating thousands as a cost-effective control method.  The Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976 gave the world a good sensing of mass liquidations of those who posed a threat to communist leadership.   Up to 8 million perished.  The threat of pinpoint and mass murder pair up for mass motivation under China’s Culture of Fear.  

11.  Obedient Suicide = Ultimate Compliance

Chinese communist leaders have brilliantly catered to American and Western near-term desires for easy profits, while casting a blind eye to the long-term costs of this folly. This addiction to “the quick fix” with an eye no further than quarterly profits, dooms profit-seekers to enduring devastation, in the end.  Like hordes of lemmings running to the sea, the strategic outcome is certain.

12.  5G Communications Control = The Enduring Basis for Global Dominance

Above all else, Chinese communist leadership is driven to dominate the 5G market.  This hyper-fast, super-intrusive, life-altering technology is, of all human creations, the one sure basis for global dominance in the early beginning of The Information Age.  All advantage in economics and war arises from this — And without firing a single bullet.  There is no catching up to this, because 5G technology will quantumly out-perform and annihilate competitors.  It is the ultimate Fail Safe for the CCP’s success.  The keys to the kingdom now within China’s grasp.

Implications.  These lines of aggression assure continuous devastation of anyone who contests the Chinese Communist Party.  The prospect of backlash is negated.  This is nothing less than “The Total Fix”.  The sum of these 12 well-integrated functional aggressions represents the acme of 21st Century Warfare:  “a Nuke by other means”.

The only issue is what Americans are going to do about it, and what they must do to avoid the same mistakes in the future that got us in the dilemma we are now in.

The three Dragons’ trails merge as one:  Chinese audacity +American decision-maker duplicity + Americans’ in-fighting and indecision.


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