#006, Espionage, Theft, Monopolization, Addiction, and Manipulation

SituationChinese Communist leaders have integrated five lines of effort to weaponize economics.  This is the foundation for their 2049 strategy to “bury America”.  Chinese leaders “control” part of China’s population if one considers Tibet, Hong Kong, Uighurs, Falung Gong and Christians.  In other words,” anyone who opposes them”.  This is an indicator of larger intent.

Question.  What are the compelling indicators and evidence of America being buried in a systematic manner under a Chinese communist strategy of dominance, as opposed to just being economically “out-competed” by China?

The Bottom Line.

Five uncontested functional aggressions combine to give China extraordinary advantage.  Americans have been Silicon-ized, Panama’d, Good-dealed, Walmart’d, and Las Vegas’d in detail by Chinese communist leadership.  This now leaves USA vulnerable to continuous exploitation.  The fact that compliance and non-interference with China’s methods is considered “normal” to many Americans; which, reflects the effectiveness of China’s strategy.

Siliconized (Espionage).  Chinese agents have been obtaining blueprints and Americans’ intellectual property right off the table, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.  They harvest American research and development as privileged insiders.  China’s high-tech industrial, TELECOM, and Cyber space advantages today arise from this grassroots-at-grand scale penetration of AmericaRead further here…

Panama’d (Theft).  Americans conceived, financed, and built this strategic canal.  Now China not only controls it on both sides, but pushes its expanding influence through this vital artery for economic expansion and dominance.  Chinese business also manages the canal.   The scale of this kind of expanding “strategic-economic aggression” has accumulated to the point of grand threat in the guise of “business as usual”Read further here…

Good-dealed (Monopolization).  While USA invested heavily in the Global War on Terrorism, we lost massively around the world.  This is because China was invested in “economic warfare”, out-dealing us on a colossal scale.  No-interest loans, “free infrastructure” development, cheap labor, inexpensive products, and high payoffs were their weapons of choice. These resulted in debilitating debt burdens, trade imbalances, and dependencies on China.  These enabled China to disproportionately take control of natural resources, lands, infrastructure, manufacturing, and businesses to include pharmaceutical production and ingredients.  The contrast in strategic gains between USA and China is now heavily lopsided in favor of Beijing.  Read further here…

Walmart’d (Addiction).  In fairness to Walmart, the issue here is the Sino-fication or China-ization of the American business sector in many guises.  American consumer and retailer addiction to Chinese products has caused the spread of Chinese “forward economic outposts”.  These are like mini-aircraft carriers launching economic strikes across the American Homeland.  American businesses are effectively manipulated as Chinese communist proxy economic agents.  Too strong an assertion? 

  • Try to wean American shoppers from good deals Walmart, The Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby or Harbor Freight.  Tough sell on the Home Front.
  • Try to convince most American businesses to not “buy Chinese” in order to remain competitive.  Hard buy-in on Main Street.
  • Try to get American stock brokers to dump their China portfolios. Impossible sell on Wall Street.
  • Try to buy a microscope on the internet and you will find (as we did): No contest.  Why?  (1) the majority are “Made in China”, (2) the design was stolen and mass produced, (3) a Chinese couple goes to ground in an apartment in New York to market these.  This is possible because the pregnant wife gave birth to a child earning them US citizenship.  (4) Then the couple sets up scores of websites under different names, marketing the same microscope at different prices (looks like competition, but crushes American competitors).  (5) Then when you call any of their linked toll-free numbers, you cannot help but notice the same baby’s voice crying in the background.  This approach is now at pandemic proportions.
  • Finally, try to get US DOD and Congressional law makers to admit they have major combat and intelligence platforms that will literally fall out of the sky or are manipulated because of US addictive dependency on Chinese High-Tech components and systems.  The US Army recently had to ground an entire fleet of UAVs / drones because they were all “Made in China” and someone finally started to grow concern.  Between Congress and DOD, how did this ever happen in the first place?

Indicators and evidence of this phenomenon are compelling.  Read further here…

Las Vegas’d (Manipulation).  The lesson of one radio station.  This has two aspects.

  1. China’s government turned a Las Vegas radio station into a mouthpiece for Chinese communist propaganda Multiply this by the thousands using various forms of media; from Hollywood to social media to mainstream media.  No wonder Americans now question why the airways are so bereft of common sense, morality and patriotism.  What in the world happened..?
  2. This is but one line of manipulation under China’s 2049 strategy.  Manipulation of currency, and other influences and distortions are part of the overall effort to leverage decisive advantage of America and its friends.

This accomplishes “fait accompli” wins.  In other words, China predetermines favorable conditions and decisions, as well as accomplishes advantages before USA can confront, let alone contest and counter many adverse situations.  COVID-19 is an example of such manipulation.  Read further here…


Web search:  “China” + any of the following words and phases:

  • “Silicon Valley”
  • “Strategic Advantage”
  • “Strategic Deception”
  • “Strategic Initiative”
  • “Thousand Talents Plan”
  • “Trade Imbalance”
  • “US Congress”
  • “Wall  Street”
  • “White House”
  • “World Trade Organization”


The False Positive.  Right up until COVID-19, China under President Xi Jinping had portrayed itself as a legitimate globalist.  A now rising mass of long-standing and recent evidence suggests this is not the case.  The Peoples’ Republic of China is no meritocracy, in which best ideas rise to the top and are rewarded based on merit.  The reality about PRC is that a caste of power elites gains advantage based on theft of ideas that its totalitarianism cannot generate itself.

The Locust Principle.  Chinese communist leadership “swarms” all targets in its path.  It uses all possible messengers, manipulators, methods, means and modes.  This readily overwhelms competitors and adversaries.  Americans are now awakening to realities of the mass, momentum, and malicious intent of this principle.  Human rights, self-determination, competition, and justice perish by this.

Functional Integration.  Espionage-Theft-Monopolization-Addiction-Manipulation represent the coherent weaponization of “swarming”.  This is made possible by authoritarian command, control, and coordination of “whole of society” competencies, capabilities, and capacities.  Full mass and advantage, however, come from “borrowed swords” by leveraging surrogates, accomplices and coerced decision makers around the world.

Reality 2020.  Before bad turns to worse, and worse turns to worst, the total mass and momentum of both dragons (the Chinese Communist Party and the American decision makers they manipulate) merit full exposure and countering on all fronts.  If not now, then when will USA be better postured to lead this effort?  From an even weaker future posture?  We still have time to foresee what Tibetans, Hong Kong protestors, persecuted Christians, and Muslim Uighurs know about “Chinese Communist Control”.

Confronting the dragons…

– The China Factor Network

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