#004, Control Decision Makers

Why this is the most important of all reports.  If independent-minded Americans on the Left, Right, and Center in some degree understand the power potential of China’s government controlling key American decision makers, then this can be the game changer for USA.  This may help all sides filter present information overload in order to discern indicators, patterns and impacts of the “decision-maker control” phenomenon.  This can assist personal conclusions as to what is threatening and devastating.  Nothing is more important than this as “Job One” for all Americans.

Many Americans’ blood is up over “China”, but is it too late?  Chinese communist leaders have been systematically engaging and “owning” a wide spectrum of American public and private sector leaders and decision makers for decades.

Without having a powerful formula for this, China would not be manipulating the vast majority of the global pharmaceutical market and controlling rare earth mineral deposits.  It also could not compel US Congressmen, government departments and agencies, American philanthropists, and US corporate plus mainstream media leaders to compromise national security, moral imperatives, and common sense.  

The Bottom Line:  China’s Total Dominance Principle is simple:  Control a critical decision maker, and all advantage flows from this.  Control a constellation of critical decision makers, and dominance and control are assured.

Payoff.  By investing a finite sum of money in the right individuals, President Xi Jinping can consistently influence and control national laws, policies, organizations, programs, production, product distribution, consumption, information, perceptions, and allegiances.  The return on investment is, thus, beyond a million-fold.  This is cost-effective Soft Power maneuver and aggression at its most brilliant.   

A Simple Logic Trail

  • Large amounts of money and profit entice a sense of personal gain surpassing morality, allegiances, patriotism, and nationality.
  • This extraordinary gain then feeds the recipient’s sense of absolute advantage and untouchability.
  • Continuing the flow of money for personal gain next ensures the recipient’s addiction and allegiance.
  • Withholding money or threatening to withhold it, finally secures total compliance and obedience.
  • All control and subsequent advantage ultimately follow and endure by this simple process.

This control system is totally, if not also fatally dependent on one thingContinued cash flow from economic advantages and monopolies to China’s authoritarian government leaders.

Key Points

Aim High.  By targeting top American decision makers, China establishes coercive precedents and channels to further exploit a broad array of other decision makers.  China’s leadership uses this method globally.   Link: https://thechinafactor.org/?page_id=2146

Work Both Sides of the Aisle.  US and foreign lawmakers become the basis for favorable laws, policies and programs for China’s leaders to exploit.  All opportunity legally flows from this foundation.  Link:  https://www.thechinafactor.org/?page_id=2196

Take an Integrated Approach.  China’s method for leveraging what America and others offer in order to weaken them is driven by Chinese government-directed and controlled “whole-of-nation competencies, capabilities and capacities”.  The mass and momentum of this overmatches stove-piped US and other nation states’ laws, institutions, processes, and traditions.  Link:  https://www.thechinafactor.org/?page_id=2198

Hook the Business Sector.  Chinese communist leaders’ twisting of US / Western free-market principles now results in a warped, “profit-at-all-costs” US business sector logic bereft of good judgement.  Link:   https://www.thechinafactor.org/?page_id=2201

Information – Media – Cyber Dominance.  Chinese Communist Party’s ideological warfare goal of destroying Western philosophies, traditions and institutions, is based on control of the Information Domain.  This is the foundation for manipulating nation state and societal processes in the Information Age.  Link:  https://www.thechinafactor.org/?page_id=2204

Influence US Allies.  China’s Xi Jinping’s ability to entice traditional American allies and stakeholders away from Western values, processes, and institutions, is the cornerstone for attaining strategic advantage at hundreds, if not thousands of decisive points across the globe.  These include strategic choke points, sea and land lines of communications, natural resource deposits, economic trade agreements, mutual support arrangements, and more.  This brings to China extraordinary Mass, which is the First Principle of War for defeating a foe.  Link:  https://www.thechinafactor.org/?page_id=2210

Aim Low.  China’s 2049 strategy is heavily centered on weaponizing economics.   The imperative for Chinese communist success is a reliable and continuous abundance of foreign investor and consumer cash.  How Americans invest and consume, thus, becomes the deadliest impact of all on America.  This is compounded by the investment and consumption patterns of our allies.  Link:  https://www.thechinafactor.org/?page_id=2215

Research.  Refer to the following link for further sources to corroborate, correct or improve upon the logic trail and key points profiled in this report:  https://www.thechinafactor.org/?page_id=2219

Impacts. After decades of strategy implementation, the diversity and extent of “decision maker control” by Chinese communist leadership now thrives on a global scale.  When World Health Organization’s Director is essentially on Xi Jinping’s payroll, and Americans’ pension and health care companies are being bought by Chinese businessmen, then it is prudent to consider that “the fix is in”.  When sensitive US Govt and Defense contracts go to American companies who lobby on behalf of their Chinese partners, and when critical components to major US military combat systems are “Made in China”, then all prudence and reason have fled the field. 

Excellent analyses by US Government agencies and American private sector experts, watch dogs, whistle-blowers and think tanks have been exposing Chinese communist agendas for decades.  However, this effort has unmistakably not been acted on by America’s top public and private sector decision makers across multiple Democratic and Republican administrations.

China’s 2049 strategy is very much about orchestrating and leveraging effects by surrogates and partners.  This phenomenon ongoing at many levels should be a compelling concern to all Americans Left, Right and Center.   Americans’ natural desire to assure their freedoms, self-determination, security, and way of life must first face a broad spectrum of corrupted, addicted and controlled American decision makers.  The mass and motivation behind this cannot be underestimated at the peril of Americans’ personal and national well-being. 

Such is the power of Weaponized Cash.   This constitutes the Second Dragon now crippling America’s national resilience, self-determination and future freedom.  

In pursuit of two dragons…


The China Factor Network

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