#003, China’s White Hat Approach

Somewhere between Nixon’s Ping Pong Diplomacy with the Chinese in the 70’s and China attaining most favored nation trading status and World Trade Organization membership, something went terribly wrong for USAThe US Government and America’s private sector have had excellent China experts warning about Chinese communist agendas to weaken America.  Somehow this went unheeded.

China as a Legit Most-Favored Trading Nation.  This country is paradoxically also known for crushing Tibetans who still set themselves on fire in protest, while incarcerating between 1 to 3 million ethnic Uighurs in concentration camps, and eliminating Hong Kong protest leaders in the shadows.  Chinese communist leadership continues to TEFLON-up and spin truth into dark webs ensnaring American common sense at all levels.

The Bottom Line:  US Super Power total victory in the Cold War is now doubtful, because the facts get in the way of this long-standing assertion.  Chinese and Russian communist leaders and their authoritarian apparatus stayed intact, adapted free-market techniques, while retaining tried-and-true repressive methods, and then continued their agendas to weaken USA.

Basically, it went like this in China’s case:

  • China’s leadership portrayed themselves as good guys– “just like us”.
  • They specifically backed away from confrontation and then good-guyed us in detail.
  • They low-profiled themselves and went to work on grand-scale economic capacity development.
  • Then sold themselves as the One-Stop shopping service for US and global consumers.
  • Now Americans are having a hard time pinpointing which American leaders sold us all out.
  • Some of these remain well-entrenched and continuing to do damage to the nation.
  • Russian subversion and belligerence have weakened America in parallel.

We bought it all.  This included all that China had to sell, no matter the impact on things like Americans’ national security, self-determination, and national resilience, let alone self-respect, principle, honor ,and leadership of the free world.

Key Points.  These provide a sensing of how Chinese Communist Party leadership has progressed in their White Hat aspirations:

  • Maintain a low profile.  China operationalized the idiom “tao guang yang hui,” which means “maintaining a low profile.”  In the 24-character principle, Deng stressed “never claim leadership.”  This set conditions for developing economic capacity as China’s main effort.  https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/china/24-character.htm
  • 2049 Strategy.  The hallmark of success has been Chinese authoritarian leaders’ ability to portray themselves as good-willed globalists.  China being allowed into The World Trade Organization, however, became the tipping point for Chinese communist leadership’s dominance strategy implementation.  This membership was the vital enabler for China’s economic expansionism and operationalizing “war by other means.”  Dominance in this war now flows from China’s global profit-making capacities.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnmauldin/2019/11/12/chinas-grand-plan-to-take-over-the-world/#5a8fe07e5ab5

Reaching the Limits of China’s White Hat.  “Washington cannot hope to decisively determine the endgame for an authoritarian China-in which the CCP, leading a country of 1.4 billion people, will choose to become a ‘responsible stakeholder’ within a U.S.-led order.” – Project 2049, 5 Jul 2016


“Nikki Haley: China doesn’t know how to be transparent,” Interview with Nikki Haley, Former-US Ambassador to the United Nations. – 1 May 2020



Impacts.  Communist Chinese Party leadership success has been based on three pillars:

  • China’s leadership told America what US Government and business leaders  wanted to hear.
  • Chinese communists then operationalized economics as the main effort in an ongoing “war by other means”.
  • President Xi Jinping then retained authoritarian / totalitarian rule while sustaining “good guy” legitimacy globally.

We got what American leaders high and American consumers low asked for once Nixon opened the door:  Inexpensive Chinese products by the boatloads…and now at incredible costs still unfolding by grand scale Chinese white-hatted deceptions. 

COVID-19 started waking us up to the reality of what we had done to ourselves, yet there are many who still won’t come to grips with actually how bad it now is.  Part of the problem is that few Americans indeed may understand the scope and scale of how successful Deng Xiaoping’s White Hat strategy has played out.  Now is a good time to start listening to the ones who make the most sense as proven China experts – the ones that US public and private sector leadership did not listen to for decades.

China’s 2049 strategy has been implemented for decades setting optimal conditions for Chinese communist leaders to now exploit.  It is unlikely they will now be timid in the face of opportunities to exploit the very conditions they specifically worked to set.  In short:  2049 Strategy.

Comment.  When America has a government-run, civil-liberties crushing, no-rules free enterprise system such as the Chinese Community Party commands, and then we open our doors allowing this GOV-BIZ-MIL power bock to leverage vast amounts of education, expertise, technology, lawmakers, business sector, and the cyber-informational domain, then trouble follows in super-abundance.  Sorting all this out becomes the strategic task at hand, otherwise it will be hard to stop the dragon.

On the trail of the dragon in still in disguise…

– The China Factor Network

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