Report #000, The Macro Approach (Breath of the Dragon)

Situation.  By now everyone around the world has a sensing of “The Breath of the Dragon”.  With 3% of the world’s population, but over 30% of the world’s total COVID-19 infections, Americans have a unique grasp of this.  This virus phenomenon is but one aspect of the heat we now feel.

Question.  Is it sufficient to try only to expose the nature of the dragon?  Will exposure of indicators, evidence, and impacts lead to other potential actions for America and its allies?

Premise.  Once Americans understand both the intent and devastations of any existential threat, they tend to “rise up as one” on a decentralized basis.  This is unstoppable, because it transcends partisan politics.  This unites Americans’ diversity.  Tyrants shudder at this.

Facts Bearing on the Matter.

  • This reality means that Americans cannot be commanded and controlled hierarchically.  Their competencies and capacities, as well as passions and anger can, however, be drawn up by providing transparent, non-partisan fact-based analysis about the nature of threats tormenting and devastating Americans. 
  • This places primacy on “Knowledge Push” to Americans.  Its content must be both credible and empowering to independent-minded / acting “Yanks” as Brits found out the hard way long ago.
  • Americans are “on the move” today as never before in history.  Initiatives and innovations abound to confront and contest the dragon in our midst.  These are, however, fragmented in nature and lacking full power and punch – the kind we wielded after 7 December 1941 in full demonstration to a world at war.
  • The modern warfare challenge for USA is one of contesting, countering, and counter-competing against various methods of Chinese Communist “war by other means” which has continually weakened America and Americans.  This is essentially a contest between Chinese Communist repressive authoritarianism and US / Western principles based on fundamental human rights.  Exclusionism vs Inclusiveness.

A means to an end.  The China Factor Network intends to use a multi-phased approach as follows:

Phase 1.  “Arouse and Anger Americans En Mass”.  Expose the scope and scale of personal and collective devastation. 

Phase 2.  “You can run, but you cannot hide”.   Name – Blame – Shame – Isolate – Punish the Devastators from without and within. 

Phase 3.  “Cause Devastators to become Defensive”.  Provide options on how to devastate the devastators. 

Phase 4.  “Mass and Momentum”.  Provide options on how to attain synergies and advantage.

Phase 5.  “Wherewithal”.  Inform Americans (and their friends) about resources to draw upon. 

Phase 6.  “Morale and Moral Authority”.   Tell stories of success.  

Phase 7.  “Stay on the attack”.  Provide options on how to exploit success for enduring momentum. 

Phase 8.  “Continuity of Advantage”.  Provide options on how to consolidate and exploit gains.

Phase 9.  “The New Normal is Assured”.  Provide options to sustain steady-state success. 

All progress depends on Step 1:  Americans perpetually aroused and angry for good reasons.

The Primary Assumption

“A constellation of networks for good” will contest and best the darkest networks.


First, the nine-phased approach is based on American History.  One only has to look at independent American colonial communities along the East Coast starting in the 1775 – 1776 time-frame with signs following.

Second, we at The China Factor will take a shot at doing what we can under this approach, but our preference is to collaborate with others.  Government cannot do all that needs to be done, and independent Americans’ daring and innovation, no matter how brilliant, lack the power of Chinese Communist Party and their partners operating under a longstanding and coherent strategy.

Third, and most importantly, many Americans are way ahead of us in their initiatives, innovations, and capacities.  We hope they may adopt, adapt or improve this nine-phased approach in their own way to contest the Chinese Dragon inside and well beyond America’s gates.

Fourth, there is more than one dragon.

Four Dragons.

#1.  Chinese Communist Party leadership implementing a strategy of global dominance.

#2.  American public and private sector leaders corrupted and are now controlled by “China”.

#3.  American consumers, investors, and entrepreneurs addicted to “Made in China”.

#4.  Foreign and internal opportunists who seek to exploit chaos caused by Dragon #1.

To What Ends?   

  • COVID-19 has turned out to be a potential blessing in terms of helping Americans and the rest of the world to wake up to what Chinese communist leaders are doing.  The dragon is now thrashing loudly intimidating all, as it must.  Its open-ended exploitations, unchallenged manipulations and White Hat legitimacy are now at high risk.
  • Freedom-seeking people around the world look to America to demonstrate moral courage and resolve.  USA will never have a better time than right now to face all dragons’ devastations.  To do otherwise, means abdication of leadership of the Free World.  This is not a US Government mission alone.  It is more importantly, a challenge to all Americans to validate what they stand for in the face of clear, present, and persistent devastations and devastators, in and around us all.
  • “Getting back to normal” is precisely what China’s President hopes Americans will do.
  • Following reports will provide perspectives on deciding to “get back to normal” or “face threats to us all”.

“Following the Trail of the Dragon”


The China Factor Network

p.s.  Along with all of our reports, we invite counter-point arguments and inputs.  Contact us directly by clicking here.

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