#002, 2049 Strategy

Indirectness.  It is hard for many Americans to accept that China’s leadership is waging a war of global dominance, which first requires subjugating USA.   We have greatly benefited from China’ massive, albeit monopolistic, production capacity.  And that is precisely the point:  

Chinese communist leadership has intentionally weaponized economics, information technologies, and other Soft Power capacities to “wage war by other means.”  This avoids inviting a US military response or strong retribution.  We now find ourselves in the middle of a velvet-gloved ambush of staggering proportions.

The Bottom LineThis strategy has been unfolding for decades – right in front of us and in the shadows.  Certain leaders, past and present, in Washington, DC and on Wall Street are not keen on Americans finding out how bad the situation is today.  Why?  This leadership failed to protect national security, national resilience, and self-determination.  Personal prosperity has become the norm. The Right rants about the Loss of Patriotism and Fake News.  The Left rails about Big Business and Social Injustice.  These voices now echo from within China’s kill zone for all sides of the aisle.  China’s theme: “Please, keep squabbling.”

NoteChina under communist leadership is certainly not America’s only threat.  However, it represents the single greatest, unified aggressor driven by a world dominance strategy with the political, economic, nuclear, unconventional warfare, information warfare, and cyber warfare capacity to implement this.  Its allies (Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Hezbollah) exploit opportunity either as co-conspirators, opportunists, or creators of adverse impacts on all Americans.  With China as the lead belligerent, USA bears the full consequences of all belligerents’ aggressions en masse.

Motivations. In the minds of Chinese communist leaders there are three compelling drivers behind this 2049 dominance strategy:

  • Retaliation against American and European colonialists who caused the Chinese to endure “the Century of Humiliation” from 1839 to 1949.   The Chinese were essentially slaves in their own land.
  • Fear of unbeatable US Military “Shock and Awe” as demonstrated during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and more so in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom starting 2001.
  • Absolute fear of American and Western ideology (civil liberties, states’ rights, freedom of the press, and more) which spell the eventual doom of the Chinese Communist Party.

Key Points.

  • Strategic Warning Ignored.  US Government and business leaders generally ignored Unrestricted Warfare published by two Chinese strategists in 1991 right after Operation Desert Storm.  This was essentially China’s lay-down of principles and concepts for defeating unassailable US Super Power.  It provided a blueprint for “waging war by other means” against America. The extract summary follows:

PLA Senior Colonels On Future Wars: “Unrestricted Warfare”: Part I

A November 1999 report from U.S. Embassy Beijing

Two senior PLA Air Force colonels wrote “Unrestricted Warfare”, presented here in summary translation, to explore how technology innovation is setting off a revolution in military tactics, strategy and organization. “Unrestricted Warfare” discusses new types of warfare which may be conducted by civilians as well as by soldiers including computer hacker attacks, trade wars and finance wars. “Unrestricted Warfare” provides insight into the thinking of some Chinese military theorists about the impact of science and technological change on China and other countries. Overviews of three other recent books by a National Defense University Professor on innovations on the lessons of the Gulf and Kosovo wars along with his reflections on post-Kosovo U.S. – China relations are provided in the appendix to this first of four summaries of “Unrestricted Warfare.”

The full document can be found below.
Unrestricted Warfare
  • Strategic Folly.  With Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, US dealt itself five deadly blows:
    • We proved beyond all doubt that conventional US military power could not be contested by a near-peer.   This naturally drove China and others toward unconventional approaches.
    • At the same time, America’s threats in Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrated that US Super Power could be confounded by indirect approaches and irregular warfare.
    • We fixated on and invested in military high-tech systems dependent on Chinese production and subsequent monopolization.
    • We turned a blind eye to China’s progress in weaponizing economic and informational advantage globally.

Ignoring Xi Jinping’s Declaration of War. “Beijing made it clear in 1999 that when it went to war with the US it would be a new kind of war.  People’s Republic of China (PRC) President, Xi Jinping, then announced in October 2018 that he had begun a “new 30 Years War” with the US.” 

  • Ignoring all the Indicators.  We continually failed to assess clear and compelling signs all around us:

China’s Silent Takeover While America’s Elite Slept.”  This is a Must See video to the end.


“Coronavirus isn’t the only Chinese infiltration menacing the U.S. College campuses are the target.” – The College Fix, 24 Apr 2020


“China Building Long-Range Cruise Missile Launched from Ship Container,” Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon, 27 Mar 2019


“Targeting China’s Tools of Aggression”,  The Washington Post, 2 May 2018


America is Being Sold to China,” Tucker Carlson, Fox, 18 Feb 2020



  • “Google” the word pairing of “China” + Strategy” + any of the following words or phrases:  2049, business strategy, cut throat competition, cyber war, debt burden, economics, indirect approach, hacker attack, humiliation, informational-ized warfare, irregular warfare, media control, non-military strike, punish,  retribution, revenge, stratagems,  strategy, unconventional warfare, urban warfare, using all means, US advantage, war by other means.

Fatal Blindness.   USA has not heeded clear warnings for decades about China’s intentions and actions reflecting the existential Chinese communist imperative to defeat America at all costs.   Americans, consequently, now face a hyper-accumulation of Chinese advantages over-matching all Americans’ interests and freedoms on a thousand fronts.  

COVID-19, whether by intent, accident, or rogue actor, now opens the door for Chinese communist leadership to seize opportunity to weaken USA on an enduring basis.   It is only Americans’ recognition of this reality that provides a chance for all of us to rebound.  This means by combining our diversities, and not falling prey to our internal divisions…as China’s leadership now hopes for.  Chinese “unrestricted warfare” birthed in 1991 will otherwise grow, prosper, and exploit America at flank speed.

Understanding the dragon…


– The China Factor Network

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