Series Introduction

Following the Dragon’s Trail

Future RealityAmerica will become increasingly devastated and weakened. China will become permanently empowered and dominant.

Question.  Why does the COVID-19 situation lead to the above statement?  What are the indicators, evidence, and impacts of America and Americans that substantiates this assertion of China’s dominance? 

The Bottom LineThe Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is waging a strategy for global dominance by the year 2049.  Focus:  “Bury USA”  COVID-19 is being used as a Weapon of Mass Disruption to weaken American and European threats to CCP’s power.  Russia and other threats are also now exploiting this.

Perfectly Ambushed. Consider that locked-down Americans left, right, and center, with reversals of fortune are now fixated and narrowly arguing among themselves about COVID-19 and “getting back to normal again after it’s all over.”  Isn’t that exactly what a strategic threat would want us to do?  We are effectively arguing in our locker room while China heads for our end-zone with its teammates close behind.

That badCertain authoritarian leaders in high places around the world want to see America permanently fail.  Our list?  Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Hezbollah to name a few.  This is because American ideology (free speech, open society, and so on) would destroy their power and existence.  COVID-19 circumstances weaken America so that these leaders can now exploit US vulnerabilities.

What is The China Factor NetworkAmericans on the left, center, and right collaborating in common cause to expose strategic devastation to the nation.  This is a network of American businessmen and humanitarians with backgrounds in Special Operations, Intelligence, Academia, Science, and Journalism.

Action.  A series of nine reports will follow to expose USA’s ongoing and expanding national devastation.  This is bottom-line information for Americans as a starting point to “track the trail of the dragon” on their own.  Intent?  Cut through current information – disinformation confusion which makes it hard for Americans to focus on what is actually happening to them.  Americans are way overloaded.

ConditionsWe don’t intend to tell the whole story.  And we won’t attempt to provide all the details either.  Narratives, no matter how brilliant, don’t get much attention because many Americans refuse to read long rants.  So, it is best to keep it simple.  Theme:  Lay down a clear logic trail of facts and indicators that are common sense to Americans on all sides.  Do this before China chumps us all on a grand scale.

Essential Unity?  Americans going back to 1776 have a tradition of uniting and rallying when threats are clear and present.  Right now, the persistent dragon in our midst is not yet recognized as such.  So, devastation to Americans marches onward both “in our face” and “off camera.”

Time is Tight.  First, US leaders in the public and private sectors have, for decades, ignored China’s strategy of dominance.  This now postures Chinese Communist Party leadership for well-conceived and well-laid advantage over USA.  Second, the window of opportunity to exploit this leadership’s shutting down societies around the world will soon pass.  This is because of aggressive Chinese disinformation and corruptive control of key decision makers from Capitol Hill to Wall Street to Silicon Valley and across cyberspace.

Tipping Point USA.  By now, Americans are getting a sensing of the various advantages that China has over America.  This is after many decades of embracing China as “just like us”. 

After enough grandmothers and best friends have been “murdered” by COVID-19 (which sets it apart from cancer and the common flu), fortunes are reversed, lives are ruined, and America’s economy is hobbled, then Americans left, right, and center, together, face a unique opportunity:  Common courage backed by improved threat awareness, to overcome disinformation and deep-seated corruption that prevents decisive US action to contain, contest, and counter Chinese communist strategy before it attains irreversible dominance over America.

The China Factor Network intends to provide a logic trail for Americans on all sides (as well as US allies) to consider the fundamental issue of “China: Friend or Foe”.

The China Factor Reports

  • #000, The Macro Approach (Breath of the Dragon)
  • #001, COVID-19
  • #002, 2049 Strategy
  • #003, China’s White Hat Approach
  • #004, Control Decision Makers
  • #005, Economic Exploitation
  • #006, Espionage, Theft, Monopolization, Addiction, and Manipulation
  • #007, Control of Strategic Nodes, Capacities and Terrain
  • #008, Aggression
  • #009, Implications for the Future

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Trailing the dragon….

– The China Factor Network

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