#012, China’s Vulnerabilities

Situation.  The Chinese Communist Party is now at its greatest point of potential failure.   COVID-19 has exposed the CCP’s ill will toward USA and the rest of the world.  CCP leadership’s open distortion of facts, aggressions, and coercions has amplified its intentions to continue its strategy of global dominance regardless of the countless lives it will undoubtedly cost. In this context, current CCP leaders, the CCP itself, the People’s Republic of China, and the Chinese People have vulnerabilities to be targeted and exploited.  While the CCP leadership wields great power and advantage, it does so “on feet of clay.” Focus.  A large mass of vulnerabilities becomes the strong basis for counter-balancing whatever advantages the CCP’s leadership has accomplished to date over USA, like-minded allies, and the rest of the world. Categories.  In weighing these vulnerabilities, the following categories emerge as…

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#008, Dynamic Aggression

Situation.  After 40+ years of purpose-driven condition setting in the USA and around the world,  Chinese communist leadership has finally postured itself to enforce and exploit its power position by more aggressive and coercive means.  However, at the same time the Chinese Communist Party leadership has exposed its dark intentions to a global audience. While most Americans won’t read lengthy explanations about such complex matters, COVID-19 has served to finally arouse national and global anger at the Chinese Communist Party --  a first, after long decades of open-field running by the CCP. Question:  If USA and others are to contest and roll back the CCP’s current advantage, as well as prevent it in the future, what are the functional aims of each type of Chinese communist aggression to be understood?  What is the aggregate impact of them all? Bottom Line. …

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#006, Espionage, Theft, Monopolization, Addiction, and Manipulation

Situation.  Chinese Communist leaders have integrated five lines of effort to weaponize economics.  This is the foundation for their 2049 strategy to “bury America”.  Chinese leaders “control” part of China’s population if one considers Tibet, Hong Kong, Uighurs, Falung Gong and Christians.  In other words,” anyone who opposes them”.  This is an indicator of larger intent. Question.  What are the compelling indicators and evidence of America being buried in a systematic manner under a Chinese communist strategy of dominance, as opposed to just being economically “out-competed” by China? The Bottom Line. Five uncontested functional aggressions combine to give China extraordinary advantage.  Americans have been Silicon-ized, Panama’d, Good-dealed, Walmart’d, and Las Vegas’d in detail by Chinese communist leadership.  This now leaves USA vulnerable to continuous exploitation.  The fact that compliance and non-interference with China’s methods is considered “normal” to many Americans;…

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#001, COVID-19

Mad as hell?  Ever wonder why US and the rest of the world shut down, and then China goes into high gear in regards to disinformation and economic production? Chinese wisdom: “Opportunity in Chaos” or “Chaos is Opportunity.”  The Chinese symbol for both words is identical. Question.  Since the facts about COVID-19 remain unclear, clouded by disinformation, and complicated by American partisan politics, what are the essential background considerations for all Americans to be aware of? Bottom Line:  “COVID-19” dynamics have essentially shut down the planet.  This is by virtue of ignorance driving fear and fear birthing panic on a global scale.  While the jury is still out on the virus itself, judgement is in and playing out in terms of virus-stimulated panic crippling America and other nations.  This is no accident. Background.  We received a report in early March…

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