#003, China’s White Hat Approach

Somewhere between Nixon’s Ping Pong Diplomacy with the Chinese in the 70’s and China attaining most favored nation trading status and World Trade Organization membership, something went terribly wrong for USA.  The US Government and America’s private sector have had excellent China experts warning about Chinese communist agendas to weaken America.  Somehow this went unheeded. China as a Legit Most-Favored Trading Nation.  This country is paradoxically also known for crushing Tibetans who still set themselves on fire in protest, while incarcerating between 1 to 3 million ethnic Uighurs in concentration camps, and eliminating Hong Kong protest leaders in the shadows.  Chinese communist leadership continues to TEFLON-up and spin truth into dark webs ensnaring American common sense at all levels. The Bottom Line:  US Super Power total victory in the Cold War is now doubtful, because the facts get in the…

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#002, 2049 Strategy

Indirectness.  It is hard for many Americans to accept that China’s leadership is waging a war of global dominance, which first requires subjugating USA.   We have greatly benefited from China’ massive, albeit monopolistic, production capacity.  And that is precisely the point:   Chinese communist leadership has intentionally weaponized economics, information technologies, and other Soft Power capacities to “wage war by other means.”  This avoids inviting a US military response or strong retribution.  We now find ourselves in the middle of a velvet-gloved ambush of staggering proportions. The Bottom Line:  This strategy has been unfolding for decades - right in front of us and in the shadows.  Certain leaders, past and present, in Washington, DC and on Wall Street are not keen on Americans finding out how bad the situation is today.  Why?  This leadership failed to protect national security, national resilience,…

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Report #000, The Macro Approach (Breath of the Dragon)

Situation.  By now everyone around the world has a sensing of “The Breath of the Dragon”.  With 3% of the world’s population, but over 30% of the world’s total COVID-19 infections, Americans have a unique grasp of this.  This virus phenomenon is but one aspect of the heat we now feel. Question.  Is it sufficient to try only to expose the nature of the dragon?  Will exposure of indicators, evidence, and impacts lead to other potential actions for America and its allies? Premise.  Once Americans understand both the intent and devastations of any existential threat, they tend to “rise up as one” on a decentralized basis.  This is unstoppable, because it transcends partisan politics.  This unites Americans’ diversity.  Tyrants shudder at this. Facts Bearing on the Matter. This reality means that Americans cannot be commanded and controlled hierarchically.  Their competencies…

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