#011, Update on Advantage China

Situation.  No change.  Many Americans have no idea of China’s devastations to America.   Chinese Community Party aggression against USA is fueled by Americans still believing, buying, and investing in “Made in China”.   Mainstream media rivets Americans’ attention to lesser matters.Americans have a twin challenge with China’s expanding advantage.The American Factor - Ongoing self-sabotage by Americans in public and private sectorsThe China Factor - Active aggression by the Chinese Communist Party against USAThe American Factor.  Commentary on solutions to America’s systemic disadvantages will be addressed in future reports.   This delay is driven by the need to first update on “Advantage China”.The China Factor.  The US National Security Advisor on 26 June 2020 summarized America’s dilemma in one sentence:“America, under President Trump’s leadership, has finally awoken to the threat the Chinese Communist Party’s actions and the threat they pose to our very…

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#010, Strategic Issues

Imperiled Circumstance.   USA is convulsed by urgent crises + systemic issues contributing to these very crises.   The danger lies in not addressing them.  China will thereby further disadvantage USA. Bottom line.   America’s challenge involves correcting issues-turned-vulnerabilities-now liabilities in an atmosphere of angst about “Advantage China”.  Resolution of accumulated liabilities means re-balancing the field of play with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Minus this, America’s progress will be hobbled no matter how much anger and effort are mustered. On the Road to Solutions All China Factor reports to date have a single goal:  Situation awareness of CCP devastations to USA and allies.  Following reports will transition to solutions.  This report #010 is the bridge. Questions What will keep America from its own undoing? Can a politically-divided government and society focus on both urgent and systemic issues during an election year? Which…

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#009, Making the Case for War

Intent.  Address the basis for inevitable war between USA and China. This is predicated on China aggressively exploiting massed advantages in the face of USA’s disunity and distractions in overcoming these. This report avoids long narrative.  It relies on bulletized logic trails and a menu of perspectives in outline formats for ease of reading and cherry picking.   There is redundancy, because each paragraph is intended to stand alone. Action vs Strategy.  USA has taken strong action in the past without full grasp of the strategic realities it was about to face.  What did USA gain from over a decade of war in Vietnam?  Where is USA now after 19 years in the Afghanistan-Iraq theater of operations?  How did USA manage to allow the Chinese Communist Party to gain an upper hand wielding economic power as a form of war?  Discovery of strategic facts has tended to follow US action, not precede them.  This is a present liability. The Bottom Line:   A virus from Wuhan shut down America and impacted the whole planet.  In so doing, the Chinese Communist Party postured itself to exploit well-contrived advantages to pursue global dominance.  This preparation spanned almost half a century.  Growing evidence and indicators suggest this is unmistakably war.  China’s success in gaining extraordinary advantages over USA points to three factors: US Superpower has been inattentive to this matter for many years It is now trying to catch up fast on this neglect In so doing, it is pushing China toward a fuller war footing as a survival necessity...

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#007, Control of Strategic Factors

United States Strategic Approach to the Peoples’ Republic of China.   As of 20 May 2020, the US Government is adjusting its strategic approach to China as reflected in this White House document (click here). After forty years, this represents a step toward contesting PRC’s Strategic Enablers.  Understanding these building blocks is fundamental to all Americans doing their part in contesting and countering these CCP enablers, now and in the future.  The Microchip.  China manages and manipulates an intricate process that eventually delivers a microchip to the USA.  Destination?  The cockpit of US military aircraft, a vital computer server on Wall Street, the computer-controlled US electrical power grid, and your local hospital, bank, supermarket, telecommunications infrastructure, and high-tech retailer.  Origin?  A mound of dirt somewhere in The Democratic Republic of Congo, owned or leased for the next 99 years by China. …

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#004, Control Decision Makers

Why this is the most important of all reports.  If independent-minded Americans on the Left, Right, and Center in some degree understand the power potential of China’s government controlling key American decision makers, then this can be the game changer for USA.  This may help all sides filter present information overload in order to discern indicators, patterns and impacts of the “decision-maker control” phenomenon.  This can assist personal conclusions as to what is threatening and devastating.  Nothing is more important than this as "Job One" for all Americans. Many Americans’ blood is up over “China”, but is it too late?  Chinese communist leaders have been systematically engaging and “owning” a wide spectrum of American public and private sector leaders and decision makers for decades. Without having a powerful formula for this, China would not be manipulating the vast majority of…

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