#005, Economic Exploitation

The Situation.  American consumers still rush to stores to buy “Made in China” products by the container shiploads.  American investment portfolios directly assure Chinese communist leadership with vital cash flow to fuel their strategy.  American businesses are at the point of full addiction to Chinese production capacity.  And yet many Americans just want things to get back to the way they were.  President Xi Jinping could not be happier if he had planned it that way.  And he did. Question.  With US partisan politics badly dividing Americans, is it possible for all sides to sense the reality, gravity, and long-term impacts of uncontested Chinese communist economic exploitation?  The Bottom Line:  The gravest risk for Americans on all sides of the political aisle today is likely  this:  Americans squabbling about “China” and remaining obedient to the will of the CCP.  This…

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Series Introduction

Following the Dragon's Trail Future Reality.  America will become increasingly devastated and weakened. China will become permanently empowered and dominant. Question.  Why does the COVID-19 situation lead to the above statement?  What are the indicators, evidence, and impacts of America and Americans that substantiates this assertion of China's dominance?  The Bottom Line.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is waging a strategy for global dominance by the year 2049.  Focus:  "Bury USA"  COVID-19 is being used as a Weapon of Mass Disruption to weaken American and European threats to CCP’s power.  Russia and other threats are also now exploiting this. Perfectly Ambushed. Consider that locked-down Americans left, right, and center, with reversals of fortune are now fixated and narrowly arguing among themselves about COVID-19 and “getting back to normal again after it's all over.”  Isn’t that exactly what a strategic threat…

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