#015, US National Elections and Beyond

Situation.  National election politics muddle Americans’ awareness of existential threats from Chinese Communist Party leadership. The most important of these is the CCP’s maturity and use of Artificial Intelligence and Informational-ized Warfare technologies and methods to hobble and ultimately dominate the US Super Power, as well as its allies.  American citizens, themselves, are CCP’s Target #1 in this game, but they seem fixated on other matters. Initial Dilemma.  This reality should be nothing new, except that US National Elections may become the next success story for CCP’s effective manipulation of information.   This is something for all Americans and allies to be alert to at some point. Sooner is better.  With all the extreme political rhetoric ongoing, as well as the general lack of facts and substance covered by US mainstream media, Americans run the risk of “missing it all”.  The conspicuous…

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#014, A Report from a SE Asian Anti-Chinese Communist Alliance

The China Factor Network just received the following message, which addresses this alliance’s perception about Americans’ limited awareness of the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party.  Our comments with web-linked references follow after the end of their message. Dear American FriendsWe take opportunity before your national elections to offer perspectives from our Anti-Communist China Alliance networked across China’s southern flank.  We are public and civil sector leaders in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.   We share information under the name: Allied Committee of South East Asian Information.We notice that Americans’ appreciation of China under the leadership of Xi Jinping is not clearly focused.  China is also not much addressed in America’s public discourse.   From our perspective, China today is the top threat to America’s existence. This means it is deadly to the free world. We, who live directly…

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#013, Scope and Scale of Competition

Bottom Line.  While closely clutching China for about half a century, Americans one and all, fragmented by individual interests, somehow “lost track of China”.   We now find ourselves in the starting blocks trying to compete with a brilliant rival well down the track.  The scope and scale of this deadly competitive game afoot is the behemoth for all Americans to now behold.  The danger of Americans not doing this “as one” will prove disastrous – so finally fatal is this competition now clearly upon us.  Losing track of vital focal points as we have done in the past, is not an option.  Failing to compete smartly is still very much a possibility. Knowing what all the dots are is the first challenge.  Connecting them for enduring advantage, is a completely different prospect altogether.  Americans’ effective overwatch of “the system” that…

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#012, China’s Vulnerabilities

Situation.  The Chinese Communist Party is now at its greatest point of potential failure.   COVID-19 has exposed the CCP’s ill will toward USA and the rest of the world.  CCP leadership’s open distortion of facts, aggressions, and coercions has amplified its intentions to continue its strategy of global dominance regardless of the countless lives it will undoubtedly cost. In this context, current CCP leaders, the CCP itself, the People’s Republic of China, and the Chinese People have vulnerabilities to be targeted and exploited.  While the CCP leadership wields great power and advantage, it does so “on feet of clay.” Focus.  A large mass of vulnerabilities becomes the strong basis for counter-balancing whatever advantages the CCP’s leadership has accomplished to date over USA, like-minded allies, and the rest of the world. Categories.  In weighing these vulnerabilities, the following categories emerge as…

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#011, Update on Advantage China

Situation.  No change.  Many Americans have no idea of China’s devastations to America.   Chinese Community Party aggression against USA is fueled by Americans still believing, buying, and investing in “Made in China”.   Mainstream media rivets Americans’ attention to lesser matters.Americans have a twin challenge with China’s expanding advantage.The American Factor - Ongoing self-sabotage by Americans in public and private sectorsThe China Factor - Active aggression by the Chinese Communist Party against USAThe American Factor.  Commentary on solutions to America’s systemic disadvantages will be addressed in future reports.   This delay is driven by the need to first update on “Advantage China”.The China Factor.  The US National Security Advisor on 26 June 2020 summarized America’s dilemma in one sentence:“America, under President Trump’s leadership, has finally awoken to the threat the Chinese Communist Party’s actions and the threat they pose to our very…

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